Case Study

Branch Medical Group

Branch Medical Group a world-class contract manufacturer of medical implants that believes in delivering on time because it makes a difference, both to the bottom-line and someone's lifeline. That's why they make commitments, not just promises...

Microsoft Dynamics AX is ideal for midsize manufacturers like Branch Medical Group. When Branch implemented this solution, they found they could use a single system for business-critical functions, including finance, manufacturing, and supply chain management leading to increased level of support and reliability.


  • Branch Medical Group was using internal processes and tools including Microsoft Excel to help manage manufacturing, Finance & Supply chain management. While functional, this approach posed several challenges and the internal process was not flexible.
  • Coordinating business processes, from quote bid, installation to production scheduling and project costing all became extremely difficult. In addition, disparate systems made capturing consolidated data and communicating real-time inventory information to vendors, suppliers, and customers practically impossible. Lack of system integration meant that employees often relied on time-consuming manual processes to manage production tasks and track order status.
  • Relied on manual processes (excels sheets and registers) and the system study revealed some serious concerns. The time spend was high due to the dependence on excel sheets and manual records to search any data for reference.


  • Branch Medical Group decided to go for a more reliable ERP solution and decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • The process was very smooth for the company and found that Branch Medical Group uses Microsoft Dynamics AX to run critical aspects of its operations, including finance, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Branch discovered some of the most impressive capabilities in the Trade module. The company can initiate purchase orders from production orders, sales orders, or inventory coverage rules, as well as create direct links to the sales order, thus supporting just-in-time purchasing for customer requirements.
  • The features in the Trade module enable Branch Industries to enter and process orders 60 percent faster and with less legwork.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX improved cross-functional coordination, and ensured consistent and reliable data, information on requests, and seamless IT support for business processes.
  • More-precise material management and production planning, for higher efficiency in capacity allocation.
  • More-flexible production, for improved customer service and CRM.
  • Greater efficiency in automatic change management, reducing manual workloads and boosting production performance.
  • Clearly defined company structure and visible workflow simplifies the process.
  • Unified processes for all production units.
  • Greater situation awareness among business managers.

F.A.F. Incorporated

F.A.F. Incorporated provides quality jewelry, fashion accessories, and novelty items to retailers worldwide.

Founded in 1975, F.A.F. successfully navigated the changing global market to become a worldwide force in manufacturing, design, customer service, and delivery of trend-right merchandise...


  • FAF had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX & had lot of customizations and new requirements that needs to added to their current process.
  • FAF did not get adequate support from their existing vendor for AX support.
  • The time & money spend was high for normal customizations & issues.
  • It affected FAF's day to day business process and become very critical for them to address.


  • FAF Inc. chose Korcomptenz team to provide on-going support, maintenance and consulting for the Dynamics AX environment. These on demand and cost-effective services enable FAF Inc, to outsource the day-to-day management of their mission-critical ERP application, while providing an ongoing return-on-investment from their Dynamics AX solution.
  • Because Korcomptenz has the insight and knowledge about FAF's specific environment, as well as strong knowledge about the Dynamics AX platform they designed and implemented. Korcomptenz team responds quickly and effectively with the right solution when issues arise. Ultimately, this provides FAF Inc. with peace-of-mind knowing that Korcomptenz is dedicated to the ongoing management and support of their strategic investment.


  • Efficiently support a growing, global manufacturing and distribution business
  • Satisfy customer needs promptly and cost-effectively
  • Generate efficiencies throughout the operation
  • Realize profitable business strategy
  • Reduce the cost of technology ownership

Homes for the Homeless

Founded with the belief that it takes more than housing to end homelessness, HFH created a community of support within each of its family shelters, known as American Family Inns. Over the years, HFH has added valuable new programs into this community of opportunity...

Challenges & Needs:

  • Having office in 5 different locations HFH wanted to maintain a high-availability infrastructure.
  • Gain access to a highly skilled and competent workforce capable of performing in a complex IT environment.
  • HFH was looking for a vendor who could manager their infrastructure in all 5 locations to lower infrastructure resource costs.
  • Acquire the flexibility to increase and decrease resource consumption to reflect changing business conditions.
  • Communication issues. Wrong support contacted & incorrect escalations.


Korcomptenz is able to manage HFH's complete infrastructure requirements and continues its support in the following areas,

  • Operations & Production support
  • Windows administration
  • Database Administration
  • Network administration
  • 24x7 support for Data Center Operations.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery


  • Elimination of responsibility for non-core competency resources
  • Lowered Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction
  • Utilization of industry-standard best practices.
  • Highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced support staff.
  • Flexible support structure to address changing business needs.
  • Service-level-driven performance targets

Siva Corrosions Inc.

SCS provides in-depth inspection and solutions for corrosion in infrastructure worldwide. Using highly specialized testing,they identify and quantify problems associated with internal deterioration, following it up with independent recommendations to cost-effectively extend service lives of structures.


SCS had a very ageing IT system that was supported by a single person at the premises. The computers and printers had become outdated. Running Windows XP and Office 2003 they performed extremely slow. In addition to this, they were unable to support the latest versions of their applications.

The objectives were to:

  • Upgrade core IT infrastructure
  • Improve server reliability
  • Reduce costs


Korcomptenz then upgraded the entire user PCs and Printers in a phased approach to allow minimum down time. The result was a migration to the Windows 7 Platform along with Office 2010.

Korcomptenz provides support on the following areas,

  • Operations & Production support
  • Windows administration
  • Database administration
  • Network administration
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

The Benefits

  • Process standardization and incorporation of ITIL practices.
  • Continuous improvement in Service Measurement Capabilities, including Service Level monitoring, reporting and performance.
  • Rapid deployment of new technologies.
  • Flexibility and scalability of resources.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Partnet Network
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • Bureau Veritas Certification