Komplete - Quality Journey

"Quality would be manifested in our software development, maintenance and talent acquisition processes by following the requirements laid out in our Quality Management System (QMS). We as a team, will ensure customer's expectations and implied needs are met. We will continually improve our Quality Management System and thereby our services, leading to satisfied and delighted customers."

Quality is intended to consistently raise the standards of services. Quality techniques and tools help lower the costs of people-intensive service processes and improve customer satisfaction. It is a genuine commitment to the highest standards of excellence developed through extensive experience and specialized knowledge.

Quality is all about reducing the risk and thus save time & money for the stakeholders. At Korcomptenz, KOMPLETE aims to achieve that in all its services.

KOMPLETE - A Continuous Journey for Improvement

Our Quality Management System - 'Komplete'
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Our Quality Management System - "Komplete" demonstrates the predictability of our internal operations and ability to meet customer requirements. This effective Quality Management System will help enhance customer satisfaction.

Komplete is the organization's practice to ensure procedures conform to the customer's requirements. Moving away from ad hoc processes gives us an overview that makes our internal processes easier to manage, measure, and improve. It is the first step on our journey towards continual business improvement and pass the value proposition attained in terms of Quality and monetary benefits to our customers.

At Korcomptenz, the Quality Practice has an internal support group known as Quality Services Group (QSG) which takes care of the software Quality assurance activities in the projects. Under the guidance of Certified Quality Employees in QSG, Quality Representatives (QRs) are deputed to each project. They work with the project teams and facilitate the implementation of the Quality Management System.

Any project that is executed can be broadly classified into two categories.

  • Development Projects
  • Maintenance \ Support Projects

Quality Methodology
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Two Quality methodologies are designed in-line with the above categories, and followed by every project team in their respective projects. These methodologies would help execute and deliver the projects to customer satisfaction.

The Development Projects would use the following methodology.

The above methodology has been derived from the SDLC keeping in mind all the key milestones that are crucial for a project success. A review would be performed at every stage of the project by the respective project managers. A Quality Audit would be performed by the QR to make sure the entire process is followed. Any discrepancies are reported as Non-Conformances (NCs) to the Project Manager and need to be closed as per the timeline stated by the QRs.

The Maintenance Projects would be following methodology.

Quality Methodology
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The Quality Management System is maintained and managed by the QSG. Quality initiatives like ISO, CMM, CMMi and Quality Systems assessment strengthen Korcomptenz's commitment to delivery excellence.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Partnet Network
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
  • Bureau Veritas Certification